Sleepwellness Neck Pillow Travel Accessories ¦ Airplane Inflatable Neck Pillow Gift

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Order Online this inflatable neck pillow is a perfect necessity for traveling, business trip, long flights or office doze. It can be used at any time anywhere, protecting cervical vertebra. Helps relieve pain due to prolonged sitting or long journey. It is good for preventing cervical disease. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment. We guarantee 60 days money back. Free Delivery and Secure Shopping.

1.    Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
2.    Ergonomic dual humps design, soft and cozy, relieve fatigue.32
3.    U-shaped design provides 360 degrees supporting for the neck.
4.    The inflatable inner tube, an inflating volume can be adjusted according to your needs.
5.    Porous and breathable fabric, keep dry and fast sweat evaporate, prevent the growth of bacteria.
6.    Embedded valve design, prevent air leak, comfortable to sleep.
7.    It is washable. The external part could be taken apart with the inner part.
 Dimension: 31x31x14 cm / 12.2x12.2 x 5.5in (L x W x H)