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Travel Suitcase Protective Cover Luggage Case Travel Accessories Thicker Elastic Luggage Dust Cover 
●Luggage protective cover offers you a simple, cost-effective way to protect your luggage from the usual wear and tear that occurs any time your luggage is out of your hands; during air travel, 
●Grease stains, scratches, scrapes, spills: Luggage protective cover keeps these ugly scars away from the fabric of your luggage so it retains its beauty, even with constant travel.
●Luggage protective cover isn't a short-term fix. It's a long-term solution.
●Luggage protective cover is also the perfect way to keep your luggage in mint condition while in storage.



Animal Prints Flamingo, Cartoon, Architecture, Airplane, Sea, Fish, Ship, Earth
Travel Accessories: Luggage Cover, Trolley protection cover, Suitcase protection case.
Using invisible zipper, to avoid damage to the friction grip (on both sides)
* Two top openings (the carrying handle and the handle)
* Buckle and zipper design at the bottom (double protection and stability)
* Bright colors and novel patterns. Made with high-quality stretch fabric
Travel Dust Bag Baggage Luggage Covers Accessories Protective Case For The Suitcase apply for these Sizes:
  • Size S: a suit for the suitcase 18''-21''
  • Size M: a suit for the suitcase 22''-24''
  • Size L: a suit for the suitcase 25''-28''
  • Size XL: a suit for the suitcase 29''-32''

    Weight:  S 225g, M 370g,  L 420g,  XL 465g

    Height: 74,  Length: 50, Weight: 250, Width: 28

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