Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set!!

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Kitchen Knives Set Ceramic Ideal for slicing boneless meats, boneless fish, fruits and vegetables.Not for frozen or hard foods(don't cut chicken, fishbone)

✓  Three-piece Set for chef kitchen
✓ Stays sharp 10 times longer than metal 
✓ Perfectly balanced
✓ Never rusts 
✓ Never stains 
✓ BPA free 
✓ Impervious to acids, oils and odour 
✓ No chemical leakage 
✓ Naturally germ and bacteria resistant 
✓ No browning or oxidization of food 
✓ Cleans easily 
✓ Leaves no aftertaste 
✓ Ultra light for nimble use
✓ Can be used for baby food

Packaging: 5 inch utility knife+7 inch Chef knife+8 inch Bread knife

5CR15 stainless steel knives set

1*7 inch Chef Knife

1*8 inch Bread knife

1*5 inch Utility Knife