Men's Handkerchief Silk Paisley ¦ Pocket Square Chest Paisley Business Gifts

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Men's Silk Floral Pocket Square Wedding Party Handkerchief of Tailor Smith Men's Handkerchief Paisley Polka Dot Floral Printed Hankies Polyester Hanky Business Pocket Square Chest Towel

Simple and Fashion Design. It applies to all occasions where you need a Pocket Square.

Design Pattern: Paisley Polka Dot Floral Hankies

Feature 1:  Men's Patchwork handkerchief
Feature 3: Paisley Polka Dot Floral Hanky
Feature 4: Pocket Square
Feature 5: Business Pocket Square Chest Towel

Colors: 14 colors available

Size:  One Size, 23X23cm, about 8.7x8.7inch.