Silicone Pet brush Glove Gentle Efficient Grooming!

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HTB1BAk7XyDxK1Rjy1zcq6yGeXXaXSilicone-Pet-brush-Glove-Deshedding-Gentle-Efficient-Grooming-Cat-Glove-Dog-Bath-Pet-Cleaning-Supplies-PetBuy this Brush Glove Silicone Dog Pets Grooming Glove, Order Now!!!

Pet Grooming Gloves
These five finger gloves are specialized in cleaning and massage your cats & dogs & horses and other breeds. Your pets are bound to love this gloves, for most animals are prefer to be touch gently with your hands rather than use other grooming or massage products. 
 Product Features: 
Massage Tool & Hair Removal Tool mimic the touch of your hand to massage, also can be used as a cleaning brush to remove loose hair, dirt
These versatile gloves can be used in many occasions, such as bathing, grooming, comb or brush for a horse, dogs, cats or other breeds.
Pet-friendly silicone surface, Dogs and cats feel calm and relaxed, Petting action helps with fur removal, Ideal for nervous or anxious pets, Easily contours to reach all the difficult grooming place. 
The Velcro strap around the wrist is easy to tighten or loosen for fitting anyone. They are washable and dry fast. 
Skin-friendly Materials Pet Gloves are made of skin-friendly materials and the surface is soft rubber, which can give you love to pet a comfortable massage and will not hurt the skin. The back is made of durable and breathable mesh that it's very comfortable to use the glove. 
Color: Blue/Red, Size: 16*24CM

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