Phalaenopsis Butterfly Orchid Silk Real Touch Artificial Flower!!!

  • £15.97
  • Save £20.00

What Makes it Realistic !!! this Stunning Purple Phalaenopsis Butterfly Orchid  has 8 Large Flowers, is incredibly Lifelike and is Frequently mistaken for the Real One.

You can use it to bring your Real Orchids back to Life while you wait for their Flowers to Reappear. Instantly you add Style to you Home Decor could be  Living Room, Conservatory or for your Parties and Celebration... Shop for Orchid at Bloom. Order online for a Great Range of High Quality Orchid Flowers.

Material: Silk + Latex Coating Real Touch

Do Not Include The Vase

  • Total length: 75 cm
  • Short leaves: 24 cm
  • Middle leaves: 35 cm


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