Men Hair Curling Comb Electric Heating Flatten Straighten Hair Brush a wine lovers

Men Hair Flatten Straighten Curling Hair Combs ¦ Heating Hair & Beard Brush for Men

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Buy Multifunctional Men Hair Curling Comb Electric Heating Flatten Straighten Hair Brush, Men Fast Beard Smoothing Comb, Shop Online!!!

Hair Styling Ceramic Curler at one go! 

- Volume Up; Change subdued Top hair to flowing hair; Keep flowing hair all day, Plump hair, trim side hair, straighten curls    
- No hair damage: even heat can prevent any "hot spots" from scalding your hair too much,  Side hair down; Side Hair not down with WAX and hair spray is easily down.  
- Safety of use: the comb can be used as the protective cover of a heating plate to prevent excessive scald of hair    
- Easy to use: just comb and repair messy hair, Make Curly Hair straight; Curly hair also can create nature straight hairstyle. Feeling the grip   
- Quick heating: preheat within 15 seconds, 
No hair damaged; Special Ceramic coating hotplate saves your hair, No burned hair or skin; Hotplate covers comb, avoid touching the skin for safe.

Specifications: Quick Hair Styler for Men

  • Curling iron only for man
  • Optimized temperature: 120℃ for hair condition
  • Prevention burn system
  • Product packing: 50 sets/box    
  • Box size: 55*27*43.5    
  • Product size: 20*2.5*1    
  • Color box specification: 26*8*5    
  • G: 270 g