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Mini GPS Tracker ¦ Anti-Theft GPS Tracker for Car ¦ Real Time Tracking Device

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Free Shipping Guaranteed Anti-Theft GPS Tracker for Car; GPS Vehicle Locator; 4Band Car GPS Tracker; 100% Google Link Real-Time Tracking, Shop NOW!!!

Mini intelligent GPS Vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning system technology, terminals using industrial-grade highly integrated design, intelligent power-saving and passive drift suppression, installation is simple, connect the power supply to start work immediately, wide input voltage range, wide applicable to all types of cars, motorcycles, electric cars, ships,etc., can provide all-weather, real-time vehicle positioning function with global positioning service platform, you can achieve remote vehicle management.




- 100% Brand new and High quality 
- Quad-band & built-in antenna 

- Two-way locating methods based on MBS and GPS Support web, SMS and Google map link It needs a password to make and change any setup, protect your privacy 
- It can detect and fix some problems by built-in monitor CPU Built-in turn on/off the power, suitable for all cars It supports hidden and open installation 
- Location inquiry by SMS or GPRS (TCP/IP) 
- It can take the power supply from car cigarette lighter or car storage battery LED indicators to show working status at any time 
- It can accurately position even when the signal is weak 
- Online real-time tracking, report location and emergency to the internet and monitor NO. automatically. 


Added features:

  • Blind area supplementary transmission function. When there is no mobile phone signal, the data is stored in GPS, and it will be transmitted when there is a signal
  • Add smart power-saving mode
  • Add oil and power off, ACC status notification function, low power/power off alarm
  • Add shift alarm and alarm in the electronic fence area
  • AGPS function, fast star collection, and positioning

Newly added functional advantages: 


  • Increase fuel cut off, ACC status notification function, low power/power off alarm.
  • Increase smart power-saving mode 
  • Increase shift alarm, alarm out of the electronic fence area 
  • AGPS function, fast satellite positioning



Left power light - Steady light: Normal power 
Middle GPS lights flash: Search for GPS signals 
The middle GPS light is on: The GPS signal is normal 
Right GSM light: search in GSM signal 
Right GSM is on: GSM signal is normal. The card has been read