Magnifying Make-up Mirror ¦ Studio 10 X Magnifying Make-Up LED Mirror

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The lighted Travel Mirror to apply the Perfect Make-Up  Shop Online 10X Magnifying Beauty Makeup Shaving Mirror; illuminated Bathroom Flexible Folding Vanity Mirror with LED Light, Buy NOW!!


Convenient For Use - Very flexible rotating swivel gooseneck that can be easily bent to get a closer distance with the mirror, adjustable height to get the best degree viewing angles.
Heavy-Duty Suction Cup - Easy and quick locking suction cup to secure attachment to a smooth surface. The design is adhesive enough to most surfaces but will not adhere to unfinished marble, porous or rough surfaces.
Precision Clarity Mirror - The 10X magnifying mirror with light is convenient for applying makeup with high accuracy. It allows your makeup to be more delicate.
Natural Light - Advance technology 14 bright LEDs meet your needs in daily life
  • Hold strong to any surface, locking suction cup provides a secure attachment; Flexible, 360° Rotating Swivel Head
  • 11,5 inch Adjustable, Flexible and Bendable Gooseneck
  • 14 natural daylight LEDs that will last for 50,000 hours and provides the natural light you will encounter throughout a day
  • Easy to install; Durable, and long-lasting

     Ideal for makeup applications and precise tweezing. Great for those with poor eyesight or want to focus in on every pore without distortions

    Makeup Mirror Light Equipped 360 Degree Swivel Folding Magnifying Makeup Mirror LED  touch screen mirror Rotating Makeup Mirror


    Portability - The foldable mirror is perfect for travel. It requires 3 AAA batteries for operation. ( NO including the battery)

    Twist locking suction cup

    • Mirror Diameter about 5 inches
    • mounts on any smooth, clean and flat surfaces
    • 11.5 inches adjustable flexible bendable gooseneck
    • Easy Versatility
    • Precision Clarity Mirror
    • Heavy-Duty Suction Cup
    • 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror Stainless Steel+Glass


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