Magic Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush Double-Sided Electrostatic Base

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Shop Online Pet Hair Remover Brush for Clothing or Furniture & Anti-Static Hair Remover Brush! Buy NOW!!


How to get rid of Dog Hair On clothes?

With double-sided electrostatic hair removal brush; easy to remove dust, hair, suitable for all kinds of fabrics that are easy to fleece sticky hair, and will not cause damage to clothes. Free Delivery and secure Shopping.
The size is designed for home use, and for traveling and taking it with you.

  • Fleece sweater shaving brush pill cotton remover.
  • Provide new life for clothes, such as shirts, blankets, curtains, and upholstered furniture, many of which tend to get lint, often "pills" or get small balls.
  • When you remove lint and pills, you can keep your clothes and furniture looking new for a long time.
  • Use T-shirts, business shirts, coats, pants, socks, gloves, etc. to make your items look like new ones.

    The portable size makes it ideal for removing curtains, upholstery, blankets, sheets, carpets, carpets or any other pilling and fluff on anything you can think of.

    Capture all removed fibers in a container that can be removed and emptied later.

    Lint Sticking Roller Size: 6*3*13.5cm.


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