Voted #1 Best Lazy Hanging on Neck Selfie Phone Holder

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 Flexible Lazy Hanging on Neck Phone Holder 360 Rotating Bracket for Mobile Phone, Shop Online!!

Buy this Universal Lazy Hanging Neck Phone Holder; Can be used when you lazy, Sitting, Standing, Cooking or Cleaning Flexible Style Design, Support Necklace Hanging; waist Hanging Locating Place Style and can play as Selfie Stick

  • Emancipate your hands, watch video randomly, play games, protect the cervical spine.
  • Allow You to Text or Take Great Photos Easily With One Hand 
  • Support for neck, waist, desktop and self-timer, live rod, lie, sit and stand can be used. 
  • The suspension neck of the bracket adopts high-quality shock resistant foam, anti-slip and breathable, flexible, not easy to collapse. 
  • The bracket is made of high-quality aluminum magnesium hose material, adjustable height, arbitrary bending angle, camber. 
  • Telescopic clamps, widely applicable to 4.5-10 inch mobile phones, more practical. 
  • 360-degree spiral clip design, adjustable multi-position angle, free rotation.
  • Universally Suitable for For iPad Holder, Mobile Phones Tablets

Color: White, Black, Pink, Blue 
Net weight: approx.207g 
Material: environmental protection plastic + aluminum magnesium alloy rod 
Installation way: On Neck, On Table, Waist style 
Flexible Mobile Phone Holder Hanging Neck Lazy Necklace Bracket