Ice Cream Maker Pan ¦ Yogurt Ice Cream Roller For Kids

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Create Delicious Homemade Healthy Ice Cream in minutes, Children can also DIY, Order Online Now, your Children will love it !!

How to use 

  • Refrigerate the product for 10 hours or more.  When the refrigerator is placed, the bottom is facing up and the cover is facing down. Recommended refrigerating temperature -18 ° or lower 
  • Take out the freeze ice machine and lay it flat on a stable table. 
  •  Pour the right amount of liquids such as prepared juices and ingredients into the frying pan, sprinkle the ingredients (yogurt, etc.) and spread them flat.
  • After a few minutes, the liquid is solidified and sanded or blocky, wait until the ingredients are ready to form lumps. Use a spade to draw a grid on them. The homemade smoothie super yogurt shaved ice is ready. 
  • When the yogurt is frozen, you can shovel them up and enjoy healthy ice cream. Very safe, no electricity, and children can make ice cream by themselves.

Fried yogurt, Fried ice cream comes in Pink/Blue colors 300*225*50mm/11.81*8.86*1.97" of size

1 X Ice Maker
2 X Shovels