Buy Online Large Stuffed Plush Elephant Toy Kids!!

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Stuffed & Plush, Elephant Pillow(Baby Toys)/Elephant Stuffed Plush Pillow Sleeping Cushion Pillow Kids Comfort Toy, Free Delivery & Secure Shopping Shop Online!!! 

  • Soft &Cuddly with Safety, Such a velvety feel and is so lifelike: Filled in by the 100% organic cotton-PP, give you a big soft beatific hug
  • The Elephant Pillow Perfect for Snuggling: The right size and the cute shape, can give you the thick sense of security like a mother
  • Measures 40 x 60 cm, Vacuum bag packaging Easy to transport The packaging is thin when received Need to spread, will achieve your desired results.
  • The Elephant Pillow Works not just for children, even great for any occasion, lunch break relaxing, the company of sleep, cushion in office for yourself
  • SO cool elephant plush pillow.As a child's bed partner, girlfriend's toy, pillow of the sofa or cushion of the chair


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