Swivel Seat Cushion ¦ 360°Rotating Seat Cushion for Elderly

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Elderly Pregnant Women; 360° Rotation Swivel Seat Cushion. Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat, Shop NOW!!


  • Ideal for seats with a flat surface using the lightweight and portable swivel seat at the office, in the car, outdoor travel, and at home.

  • Great for those with limited mobility, the comfortable rotating cushion is backed with a noo-slip, textured material to reduce unwanted movement.

  • A swivel seat is constructed with a resilient, contoured foam, reduce hip and back strain.
  • Provides pressure relief for back and hips while seated.

  • Swivel seat  base  stays  securely in place while the cushion freely rotates with your body

  • Portable, Soft, Comfortable, Increase mobility, Simple to use, Suit for chairs in tight spaces.

More Features:

1. Rotation 360°, easy to get off for the elderly & kids
2. Designed for car or chair, help prevent back and hip strain
3. Comfortable top surface
4. Unique Anti-slip base ensures the cushion stays firmly in place


Ultra-thin Swivel Cushion
Flannel, Poly-nylon Cloth, Memory Sponge 
Color: Dark blue