Egg Sitter ¦ Forever Comfy Gel Cushion ¦ Orthopedic & Pressure Relief Cushion A Wine Lovers

Egg Sitter ¦ Forever Comfy Gel Cushion ¦ Orthopedic & Pressure Relief Cushion

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Unique and fashion design

Special flex support cushion supports your backside and spine so well, you can sit on an egg without breaking it – no other seat cushions for chairs can make that promise!
Unlike your memory foam desk chair, sciatic nerve pillow, or foam cushion, Egg Sitter’s unique flex-grip honeycomb design allows air to circulate and stays cools to the touch.

The cushion is made of Gel which is extremely soft and comfortable.
Comfortable texture for you to seat and rest. It is suitable for home, hotel, decoration, backrest, and also can be used in the car. It is also good to be a gift for your friends or yourself.


• Honeycomb Design Medical grade gel material does not irritate the skin.  perfectly fits the buttocks curve with 300 balanced pressure, soft and without losing support force 
• Strong and durable, Egg Sitter retains its shape, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat. The unique gel honeycomb cooling structure greatly reduces heat transfer and keep cool at the bottom for sedentary. 
• Help relief Pain Effectively Relieve sedentary fatigue, avoid soreness and numbness caused by compression of the buttocks muscles, create a relaxed and comfortable sitting position. 
Prevent prostate, hemorrhoids, shaping buttons and other effects
• The gel cushion includes a magnet anti-slip cloth cover which has a zipper design. Easier to take out for washing. 
• Suitable for various use scenarios: Home, Office, Car, Travel, Stadium, Wheelchair.