Colorful Smoke Bomb Fog Cake Smoke Effect Show ¦ Halloween Photography party

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Make Smoke Bomb Fog Cake a that Billows Clouds of Brightly Colored Smoke.

Colorful Effect Show Round Bombs Halloween or Studio Photography


  • Brand new and high quality

  • Cake Just for Film and television, lit pure color smoke effect.

  • This smoke cake just for Stage Film Advertising, television dramas, quality Ensured

  • It is the first Choice for Movies, Television, Commercial, and Digital Photography

  • The main role is to put the smoke, Considering the Health of the Staff, please do not put too much

  • Cigarette, each time with a small part to Cigarette, breaking down fast, make it holding, cigarette fan with a fan on, to achieve the effect what you want to, the remaining part can be stamped out in the soil.

  • The Smoke cake is fragile, the courier is Long journeys, Sometimes, when you receive an individual may have broken the middle, and it will not affect its function and Effect.


    The smoke bomb is padded with a heat shield, ignited, and placed in the air purifier demonstration hood, which will generate a large amount of smoke.

    How to use:

    • It needs to be Ignite by the Fire.

    • Storage: Keep it in moisture, Avoid heat, sun, extrusion

    • Ingredients: sulfur and sawdust, add a desiccant

    • burning time: 1 minute

    • Colorful Size:2.2x2.5cm

    • Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple