Wedding Candle Holders Candlestick Flower Vase ¦ Table Centerpiece Flower Wedding Decoration

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QQ20180730174145Illuminate your ceremony and reception with lovely wedding candle holders, Set a romantic mood at your wedding Have a look at our candle holders which will compliment any design in any room of your home, ensuring a warm and friendly feel. Metal flower rack/ Metal candle holder (Put a flower on the top as road lead). Buy with confidence, free delivery

Color: Gold/ silver / white

Size: 50 cm/ 20"  height     Top diameter 12 cm/ 4.7"

          44 cm/ 17.3" height  Top diameter 12 cm/ 4.7"

          38 cm/ 15" height     Top diameter 12 cm/ 4.7"

          32 cm/ 12.6" height  Top diameter 12 cm/ 4.7"

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