Light UP Halloween Clothing ¦ Glow in the dark with LED Neon Wire

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Light Up Party Halloween Clothing with LED Neon Cable; Glow In The Dark Clothes and Accessories; Free Delivery and Secure Shopping; Shop NOW!!


Great for Halloween Clothes, House Decoration, Christmas Tree, Festival Fence; Car Lighting; Outdoor Sign; Stage Design; Nighttime Fountain; Lighting Banner. Multi-Function: Steady On, Quick Flashing, Slow Flashing, Off 

DIY Costumes Clothing Luminous; Clothes Ball Rave 1m/3m/5m



Flexible and Water-Resistant, Available For Indoor And Outdoor Lighting. can be bent into any Shape and Cut into any Length; Can offer 360 degrees of Illumination. 

Energy-Saving, Long Lifetime, Lifespan more than 12,000 Hours; Environmental-Friendly. 

3 Light Modes: Steady ON, Slow Flashing, Quick Flashing



You Can Use It For Toys/Craft Decoration, Tree Decoration, Costumes, Car Decoration, Around The Spokes Of Your Bike Tires, 
Your Wrists, Even Your Pet's Collar For Extra Protection In The Evening.                                                  Blue, Transparent Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White, Green Lemon Green Lighting Colors.

 Package included:  1 Wire and 1* Controller 2 X AA batteries (not included)